Honeymoon - March 3-13, 2003

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Neil had never been out of the country. Unless you consider 2 miles into Mexico for a few days...

So, we went somewhere far, far away. Europe.

We left on Monday afternoon, March 3, for Europe. First stop: Paris, where we set out to visit out all the cool stuff, including the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Montmartre, and Notre Dame.

We flew to Nuremburg, Germany on Friday and drove a beautiful blue BMW 316 to Rothenberg ob der Tauber. Plenty to see and do there, including a half-day tour around the German countyside.

Then it was off to Rome, where there's too much to see and do in 3 days, but we saved some for another trip! It sure was a treat to explore 2000+-year-old ruins and monuments, and even older items in the Vatican Museum.

We returned to DFW on Thursday March 13, and spent the weekend recovering in our new home.

We kept sort of a log and took tons of pictures, compiling a "virtual honeymoon" for you to enjoy!

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