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Day Two in Paris - March 5, 2003

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We didn’t realize we’d slept until almost 9:30am and realized that if we wanted the breakfast we’d already paid for, we better get a move on. We made it, barely. The waitress was still very nice. We decided to take a stroll and see what we could find. We began by walking along the Seine and ended up at Place de la Concorde, one of the major squares in Paris. There you will find the Obelisk of Luxor given to the French by the Egyptians. After checking out all the hieroglyphics we moved on continuing to walk along the river. Ginger picked up a postcard of black and white progression photos of the construction of the Eiffel Tower. She has been wanting a large print of it and had seen it in the US, but it cost about $150, a price she’s not willing to pay. Even though they also had a poster for only $15, she couldn’t bring herself to get it since it would most likely sustain some damage in transit.

We crossed over the river onto the Il de la Cité. Ahh, yes, Notre Dame. Need we say anything more? Also located on this island is the Sainte Chappelle. Ginger highly highly highly recommends this stop to everyone who goes to Paris. Nestled away in the large Palais de Justice it’s a small church with a big reputation. The entrance opens to a very small but ornately painted first floor, but it’s the second floor, up the narrow spiral stairs that will take your breath away. Once at the top of the steps, you are instantly surrounded in colored light coming from the multitude of several stories tall stained glass windows. Definitely a sight not to be missed.

Once we’d soaked up some culture in Sainte Chappelle, we took the metro for the first time. The best convenient, fast, and relatively cheap ride to anywhere in the city. We rode to the Eiffel Tower stop and proceeded to scale the tower all the way to the top level (using elevators of course). The first floor is all enclosed in glass and has photographs all the way around pointing out the major sights of that particular view. Then, taking the steps to the second floor, it’s all open air, except for the chain link fence keeping you safely on the tower. Next it was off to the Sorbonne area. The Sorbonne is the proper name for the university in Paris. After a quiet dinner in the area, we called it a day and returned to the hotel.