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Day Three in Paris - March 6, 2003

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After another late start (though better than the day before!) we were zipping around on the metro again this time to stop at Montmartre where the Basilica Sacre Coeur is located. High on top of the hill, which we did indeed climb, whew!, is the white basilica, the catholic church called Sacre Coeur. After picking up some souveniers at the touristic, but nice shops we walked to the area behind the Basilica. You have to watch out in the area behind the Basilica. The area is a popular hangout for artists of all media. While the art is beautiful, the pick pockets count on you being so absorbed in the works around you that you don't pay attention to your wallet! There are also the artists who walk around offering to sketch you there on the spot, or those with black paper and scissors in hand ready to cut out your profile. Ginger doesn't even like her profile! We moved on to have lunch at a café. We sat outside as the weather was wonderfully clear and cool!

Then it was on to Bouchara and Galleries la Fayette. Ginger wanted to stop at Bouchara, a popular fabric store and see if she could find some provincial prints. No luck, but it was fun looking around. Then we went across the street to the multi level Galleries la Fayette, complete with its huge Tiffany stained glass ceiling. The top floor has all kinds of less expensive souveniers. There's anything from Eiffel tower miniatures, to kitchen towels, to keychains, to pens, to……

It's late afternoon now and we're beat from the several days of non-stop on the move sightseeing. We hop the metro to the Jardin du Luxembourg. This is one of the best-known gardens in Paris and a popular hang out for young and old alike. The huge fountain is surrounded by two kinds of chairs, the lounge kind, and the regular kind. Neil and I scope out the lounging kind and take in the sun. It sure feels good to rest our feet!!

After the recuperation time, we head back to the hotel to for a nap, then head out again to find a good dinner spot. We end up at Ristaurante Tina. MMMM. The Italians who own the shop make a wonderful pizza and lasagna. We finish up with a large ice cream sundae. We couldn't pronounce all the flavors in the sundae we chose, but hey, it turned out to be a delicious choice all the same!