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On to Germany - March 7, 2003

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We had the morning free to go sightseeing before heading on to Germany that afternoon. We left our baggage with the Concierge at the hotel and headed out toward Les Invalides. This is a large military complex which also contains a museum housing Napoleon's tomb. We decided to leave Napoleon alone and just see the outside. The outside is surrounded by a moat (there’s no water anymore though!) and antique copper cannons turned blue-green now with the usually rainy weather. After snapping a few photos, Ginger noticed two guys taking pictures who seemed to be speaking German. She asked them if they wanted to have a picture with the two of them together. That opened the door to allow her to ask them how to say “hot chocolate” in German. Heiss scholoade, or kakao was their reply. Nice guys! It was time to get back to the hotel and collect our bags.

We found out a taxi to the airport would cost about 60€, but taking the metro and the RER would only cost about 7€50 per person. We hopped on the metro to get to the RER. The RER is the regional train service that runs out to the Charles de Gaulle airport. Even though we got off the RER one stop too early, we still had plenty of time to get to the right stop. The signs in the station directed us to a bus platform from which we were driven to the airport itself. We ate a light lunch at the airport (they actually had good fresh fruit!) and boarded the Airbus 319, our Swiss Air flight to Zurich.

In Zurich we changed planes to a little Turbo Prop SAAB 2000 for the 45 minute flight to Nurnberg. In the Nurnberg airport we found the Hertz counter. The lady at the desk was extremely helpful in giving us directions to Rothenburg ob der Tauber where we would be spending our next three days. She also gave us pointers on the road signs, how to read them, and what to expect on the German highways.

Our blue BMW 316 was waiting for us outside. Niiiiiiiiiiiice. The German roads are meticulously manicured and the signage is fantastic. It was a pleasant drive on the Autobahn. We got into Rothenburg rather late in the evening and finally were able to find the Hotel Tilman-Reimenschneider inside the city walls. That was an adventure! The people at the desk were very helpful and we were soon settled into our cozy room.