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Tour of the German Countryside - March 9, 2003

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We got up early this time for breakfast and retrieved the car from the garage. We wanted to see more of Germany and decided to take the country roads to eventually end up at Würzburg. The countryside was dotted with small villages and towns.

Coming into Würtzburg, we had some trouble finding a place to park, but eventually watched as another lady parked behind us and did not put any money in the meter. We walked along the river, crossed a very large bridge, and decided to make the trek up to the castle looking building on the top of the hill. Turns out it was the Staatlicher Hofkeller Würtzburg. Of course!! There was a great view of the city from the hill.

After we took in the view, we descended to a pastry shop and snacked. With our stomachs and palates satisfied, we continued on to one of the town squares where we found the cathedral. After a look inside at the beautiful ceilings and interesting art we headed back to the car and hit the road.

We stopped in the city of Bad Mergentheim for lunch where we each ate a Döner Kebap. This is the German version of the gyro. It took some work to speak to the cook, but we got it down! No onions for me, no sauce for Neil. Then we continued on back to Rothenburg.

We’d seen an ice cream shop, the Eiscafe-Dolomiti, in our touring of the city and stopped in this time to satisfy our mutual ice cream addiction. After being well treated, we walked along the wall of the city, which took quite a long time, and eventually made it back to the hotel for a nap.

Dinner was at Zum Schwan where the very nice Italian owner of the restaurant gave us some driving tips for getting to Munich, our next destination.