The New Floors

The one unplanned remodeling project included getting new floors. One of us left the water running trying to fit 500 gallons of water into the 500 ml dog dish one day during work, and ended up flooding 1/3 of the first floor. The water covered the kitchen tiles, then seeped through the walls into the dining room and master bedroom closet.

We mopped up most of the water from the kitchen and living areas, but the damage was done. The insurance customer support guy set us up with First Restoration, a mitigation company that came out (that night!) and started drying out all the water. We had industrial fans and dehumidifiers going for five days, along with ripped off baseboards and holes drilled in the wall near the floor to dry out the walls.

Most of the wood floor had to be replaced due to the water damage. We’d been thinking about getting wood floor in the master bedroom, so we used the opportunity to take that step. Now the only carpet in the house besides a couple area rugs is upstairs in the game room, in the hall closet, and in the bedroom closet. It makes cleaning up the doggie fur a snap! But it was rather costly, even considering the insurance company paid for most of it, so all in all, we don't recommend doing it like we did.

Photos of the damage (11 images)