The New House: March 26, 2004

We had part of the day off from work on Friday, March 26, 2004, when we closed on the house in the morning. The contract stipulated that the current residents would have the weekend to move out, and we'd be able to get in on Monday the 29th. So, Javier and Max from EZ-Go Moving showed up around noon, loaded "most of" our stuff into the truck and got it over to the house. By 6:30, we had the last few things cleaned up at the apartment, ready for dinner before spending our first night in our new place. What a great feeling! A garage. A bigger kitchen. A backyard. With a grill!

Ginger's parents came over with Dina, the Russian exchange student they were hosting at the time, and helped us unpack and get a lot of stuff set up and put away.

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