The Great House Makeover

When we moved into the house, all the walls throughout the place were a slightly off white color. The ceilings were even that color, too. It didn’t take long for Neil and me to change that up! We began in the family room where we faux finished the walls in a light earthy brown. Then, we did the same technique in the dining and sitting rooms but in a shade darker. Finally, we made over the kitchen with a sold brown color, it’s a coffee with creamer color.

Then we got the bold on. In the guest bath, I stripped the shell wallpaper and retextured the walls in a plaster look. Then I painted it all purple. It’s sort of a dark lavender, and then after several months, I added the wallpaper border that matches the towels. It’s a nice pop of color for this small, but now fun looking, area.

Mom and I began with the guest room back in July. Some friends of ours needed a place to store their queen size mattress, and we had a bedroom without a bed. So, what happened? Yep, we got the mattress set. Perfect. After getting a silk coverlet and shams in maroon and deep purple colors, there was a blast of color. I took a day off and mom and I painted the walls a deep golden yellow. The art in the room is dark brown wrought iron pieces which pop out from the wall.

The game room was quite another project -- so much so that it deserves another section on this site!

Sometime in the future we plan to paint the master bedroom and redo the master bathroom walls. The color? That’s still TBD.

Photos: painting the guest bedroom (7 images)