ICE 2006

Ginger learned of the ICE exhibit at the Gaylord Texan from a Diet Coke bottle at an office party. Always looking for a new thing, she and her mom, Shirley, went to the exhibit over Ginger’s Christmas break. Parkas are given out near the entrance to the show, and boy do you need them. Several thousand pounds of ice were used in the exhibit and all objects were carved by Chinese artisans. There are fictional characters such as the Coca-Cola bears, Santa, elves, etc. but what impressed Ginger the most was the Nativity scene. A full room was dedicated to the scene. In one of the last rooms there were four solid ice slides. Two were for kids and two were for adults and big kids. Of course Ginger slid down one! At the parka turn-in area, Ginger even got to speak a little French with one of the hotel workers!

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