The Jewel Concert - August 31, 2006

Thanks to an email tip from a friend, we found out that Jewel would be playing an "intimate" concert at the Myerson Symphony Center in Dallas. As Jewel is Ginger's favorite female artist, tickets were a must-have.

Shane Alexander opened for her and did a few songs. He plays the same genre as Jewel and did a very nice job.

Jewel entered singing an a cappella version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz. An interesting start to the concert, to say the least. Then she did a few more songs, just her and an acoustic guitar or two. Then she related to the crowd before the rest of the band came on stage. It was a great show. Great vocals, great guitar renditions, and great drum beats. She runs the gamut from the high notes to the low notes with great precision. She learned a lot of music from her father, even yodeling! What a talented young lady!

The performance was filmed so hopefully we'll see some of it sometime on her web site.