Kitchen Remodel - May 2011

We decided it was finally time to upgrade our kitchen. (Well, actually, Neil let Ginger remodel the kitchen.) There were four main areas to update: the replacing the floor tile, sanding and painting the cabinets, replacing the countertops, and replacing the backsplash tiling. After getting estimates from two companies that basically wanted an arm and a leg to do the whole thing including supplying all the materials and labor, we decided to do things more piecemeal and saved a lot of dough.

After scouting out countertop materials including pricey Silestone, we decided on granite, provided and installed by Innovation Marble and Granite based in Dallas. Fast installation (started in the morning and finished in the mid-afternoon), great selection.

The rest of the heavy work was done by Manuel's Remodeling – 214-529-3740, with materials that we purchased ourselves. We bought our 20"x20" floor tile at Floor and Decor Outlets in Dallas. Talk about selection! The mini-subway tile for the backsplash is from Lowe's. Love it!

Manuel and his crew removed and replaced all the floor and backsplash tile. Neil painted the cabinetry himself after Ginger sanded it all down -- that was quite the project to unhinge all the doors and remove all the drawers, then paint the cabinets and doors and drawers all separately, and replace them after everything had dried.

Whenever we remodel something again, we'll be sure to do it when each of us can simply take a week off each to be here. It was rather a pain coordinating a remodel when Ginger was be gone for a week at a conference and we had a 3 day weekend trip planned right in the middle of the remodel. But, we're very happy with the final results!

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