Messages to Neil and Ginger:


NY was just awesome...use to go to Albany a lot...lived in Troy...spent week in NY city in '63 and stayed at the Taft Hotel...but did not see all that you great to see so much beauty!...thanx


Just left Washington....whew...what a trip!...the views were so awesome!...thanx for letting me tag along...


Thanx sooo much for sharing such an awesome trip! I so enjoyed having lunch in so many wonderful places!...can't wait to see where we are going next!...till then...take care and thanx again...


Hi Ginger,
I looked at wedding/reception,honeymoon,Mexico resort &Hawaii photos! Wow!! What great experiences & memories for you! I look forward to checking out more of this site in future,it's like virtual travel : )Thanks for sharing photos & stories,Angela


Hey! I came across your website while i was trying to figure out what breed my dog was. i typed in husky/ doberman mix and a picture of your dog, Throckmorton (awesome name) popped up! I couldn't believe how similar they look! My dogs name is Oozie and he's about a year old, he's a handful but all together a great dog! I'm really excited because i've never seen a dog that looks anything like him and Throckmorton could be his twin. Anyway, just wanted to say i think your website is awesome and it was great seeing pics of your wonderful dogs!