Messages to Neil and Ginger:


I'm Ginger Dickens (now Porter). It's good to see another (nice, reputable) Ginger Dickens out there -- and in the Dallas area, too! Keep up with your Ginger ways...


Congratulations on your new car. It looks great. I'm glad you got a lot of good use out of the Altima. That whole Arizona experience for Ginger was interesting. A "new" car was the way to go!


Loved your site guys! What a great idea! Especially thought the proposal story was fantastic!


Loved the pics!


Hola Neil! Stacey and I were chatting about Jason K the other day and it lead us to convos about you and I decided to try and find you. Got the site address from Marvin M, who I ran into one day about three years ago. Looks like you are doing great and I am sure Ginger must be pretty awesome. Stacey and I both just wanted to say "hi"...anytime you are in town, call me. I hope all is well! - gene

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