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The Trip Home - April 10, 2008

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It was finally time to go home. One disadvantage to having the shuttle was that we had to be at the lobby for the airport shuttle at 7am. As it turns out, a taxi to the airport is about $60, and may have been worth it, but you never know. Apparently there is sometimes bad traffic in Playa del Carmen. As there is only one highway to the airport, we had to leave early enough to allow time for traffic. Room service brought us our breakfast as the restaurants didn't open until 7am. We met the shuttle at the lobby and had no trouble getting to the airport, which means we arrived 3 hours prior to our scheduled flight time.

Apparently our plane was doing a "there and back" route, DFW to Cancun, then turning right back around to go to DFW with a new load of people. Our plane was delayed arriving in Cancun by about 45 minutes, which gave us even more time to wish we'd taken a taxi instead. Finally we boarded our plane and found out the reason for the delay. They had been re-routed out of DFW due to strong storms (even rotation in the clouds at DFW) so they had to go around the storms which took them more time. We eventually took off after another delay, though a short one, due to an indicator light in the cockpit. The storms at DFW cleared up and we ended up not having to re-route. Our pilot actually made up about 45 minutes of time in the air putting us at DFW at 4pm.