Birthday Weekend 2016 in Salado, Texas

Ginger found out from a friend about a delightful B&B in a little town called Salado located about 2 1/2 hours from the DFW metroplex. Since Ginger's birthday in 2016 was a milestone one, she wanted to do something special but also celebrate Neil's birthday at the same time' Salado seemed like the perfect short getaway.

We drove down on Friday afternoon and checked in about 3pm and were give a map of the property. The B&B is actual comprised of several differrent facilities. We stayed in the Vickery Room in the manor of the Inn on the Creek B&B. Our room was the smallest of all the rooms and is basically located in the attic of the Manor House. Part of the room was a rectangle with the bathroom attached, and the rest of the room was the dormer so you had to watch your head when walking to the window. We loved it because it was so different!

For dinner the first night we chose The Shed. The food was good and our server was nice, but our table location left something to be desired, like, a different table location. We were next to an exterior door that led to another building and more tables, and the door was being used constantly and slamming every time, besides letting in cold air. Oh, well, at least we had our jackets. After dinner we did a short tour of the nearby buildings and shops to see what there was, knowing we'd venture out again the next day.

After a lovely breakfast Saturday morning, we drove to a more central area of town so we could start taking in the shops. The area has all kinds of "shop local" type places. One of the stores turned out to be the type of place where the artist rents a 10x10 or so floor space to sell what they want. There's also an expansive candy store along with a sewing shop, bead shop, and several art studios. One of the main attractions is Salado Glass Works which is a working glass studio. At the time we were there, patrons could sign up to make their own hand blown ornaments in their choice of colors.

We then decided to try to do some hiking since there seemed to be a break in the weather. Unfortunately we tried three parks, all of which were closed, one for repairs and two for the season. Who knew Texas parks closed for a season??!!

We had lunch at Heart Filled Bakery & Deli before heading back to the room to relax a bit. The weather was rainy that day so it was tranquil in the room hearing the rain on the roof. For dinner we decided on The Salado Patio, a colorful Mexican food place off the main street. It was good food at a fair price. We then went back to the Manor and hung out in the common area to talk and play Uno before turning in.

We took our time during Sunday breakfast and, since we’d seen everything in the small town we’d wanted to see, headed back toward home.

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