Ginger's Spring Break Projects - March 2007

Last weekend Neil, our neighbor, and I put up the new fence. Yeah!

I took the week of Spring Break off to do some projects. On Monday, mom came over to help paint the office. It’s the last room to be painted in the house! I prepped most the room before mom came over by removing the shelves and filling the holes. When she arrived, we finished moving the furniture to the center of the room and taping off some edges. I used the roller for the big areas, and mom was in charge of the edges. I decided on sky blue and I love it! And Neil likes it, too!

Next on the list was redoing the patio furniture. I inherited the two chairs, small table, and bench from Nana several years back. They were flat white. Neil helped me carry all the pieces to the garage where I used my handy-dandy Black and Decker Mouse to sand the pieces down. I hosed them off and let them dry. The next day, I laid out the plastic on the garage floor. I would like to have painted them outside on the driveway but with rain in the forecast and Neil working until 7pm, I knew I’d be stuck if it began raining because I can’t carry the stuff by myself. I’m so glad I decided to put the car all the way around the house in the front because the overspray has now given the garage a slight yellow tint. Sunshine yellow was my color of choice (since they didn’t have lime green). After three cans, I wasn’t done. So after a trip to Lowe's, no luck, then Home Depot, again, no luck, and finally to Wal-Mart, I bought their last can that saved the day. Now for the green cushions (hmm, or maybe blue? orange? striped? Hmmm.)

Another side project is finally breaking out the Mosaic kit Neil gave me for Christmas two years ago. I decided to make an address number sign. It was pretty easy and enjoyable! Nippers in hand I cut the tiles by sticking the tile in the nipper and putting them down into a box to avoid sending glass pieces flying across the room. After placing the tiles and gluing them down, on went the grout. Mom had a bucket of it (don’t know why) and let me use what I needed. That stuff is messy! I smushed it on there, scraped off the excess, and let it dry some. Then scraped again, then sponged, then sponged again, then sponged again... After many sponge passes, the design came out clear. Yeah! It worked!

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Mini Project: a squirrel had made himself at home in our chimney over the summer, so we had to find a way to block off the holes he scratched in the siding.

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