St. Louis Vacation: September 2021

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Sunday, September 12 - day 2 in St. Louis

On Sunday, we went to the St. Louis Aquarium, which is located in Union Station, a 20th-century train station that has been repurposed to house a number of attractions including a very large outdoor koi pond. All visits to the aquarium start with a "train ride", where guests are ushered into train car staging areas and the windows are actually large screens. We were given an intro to the city and the aquarium before being "dropped off" at the platform that leads to the first exhibits. Ginger noticed there was to be an otter feeding time starting soon, and promptly planted herself at the edge of the railing to be sure she would get a good view. The show was amazing and the otters really knew how to put on a show. Along with large fish tanks with all kinds of creatures, there was an open stingray tank where you could pet them if you wanted to, as well as a turtle, and a parrot talk.

Outside the aquarium but still inside the Union Station was a ropes course. We kept seeing people swinging by on rope swings and such, so even the mall itself was entertaining. Stepping back outside, Ginger noticed the lotus in the koi pond were shooting out fire balls. It became apparent a show was about to start! We were treated to a fine display of fire bursts set to music before making our way back out for our next adventure.

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We had learned about The City Museum that's not like any other meseum we'd ever seen. It's an amazing place filled with hands-on experiences for the young and young at heart. There's an airplane fuselage outside that you can get to by climbing through various tunnels and stair systems, and even a multi-story indoor slide. We paid ahead of time online for our tickets to the general area of the museum, but kept in mind an upgrade to roof access, which we asked about upon entry. We decided the roof access upgrade would be worth the extra cost, and it didn't disappoint. The roof featured more tunnels and walkways, a giant decline that served as a slide, great views of the downtown skyline, and even a Ferris wheel!

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After our meseum visit, we wandered our way back to the hotel and took the train to downtown. We found Snarf's, a tasty sandwich place, for dinner before making our way to Gateway Arch Park, passing art-deco architecture, open air sculpture gardens, and wide open spaces along the way. After passing under the Arch and out of the park, it was time to ride the train again back to the hotel.

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