St. Louis Vacation: September 2021

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Monday, September 13 - day 3 in St. Louis

Today was the day to actually visit the Gateway Arch and go up to the viewpoint. We set out in the late morning, taking the train again to downtown and leisurely making our way to the Arch for out scheduled 11:00 tour. Arriving early, we were able to spend some time in the museum, packed with exhibits of the St. Louis area's history. When we arrived at the entrance to the Arch itself, a very informative talk and video gave us the history and construction insights of the Arch itself. Guests then enter tiny barrel-shaped elevator cars that click-clack their way up the curved interior to the top, hanging on the cables so that the occupants always stay seated upright. At the very top, a series of tiny windows allow visitors see views of the city and the river below. Visitors are only allowed a few minutes to stay in the viewing area before being escorted to the other side of the small hallway to the begin their descent back to ground level.

Photos from the Arch (12 images)

Our walk back from the Gateway Arch led us through some great areas of the city, including a series of small parks along Market Street containing sculpture gardens filled with abstract works of all sorts and sizes. We took a train away from downtown to the Central West End, where we stopped at Imo's Pizza for lunch before touring the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis. The Basilica itself was like a time warp trip to Europe. Ornamentation was everywhere, just like the cathedrals you see all over on the other side of the Atlantic. It was beautiful and well worth the walk over.

Photos from the parks along Market Street (18 images) Photos from the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis (14 images)

Forest Park is a large city park in the West End, containing the zoo, a golf course and several sports fields, a museum, a theatre, and a series of ponds and streams. We spent the afternoon making a small loop through part of the park, which we discovered was way too big for an entire tour without a vehicle to get from place to place.

A bus ride got us back to the hotel by evening, and we had dinner at Syberg's right near the hotel.

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