Ginger's Twilight Trip

First, a big thanks to Janel for going on another girl trip with me, especially since she's not a Twilight fan but does like the areas we visited. She did ALL the driving and did a fantastic job.

I found out where things were by doing a little research. I love the blog at Paula's notes really helped us out! I also purchased the book Experience Twilight: The Ultimate Twilight Fan Travel Guide from Amazon. We mapped out our destinations using both traditional paper maps, a tablet computer, and cell phone. A LOT of time was spent driving around as a film can make many places look like they're in one area but in reality they are separated by a great many miles. Sometimes we'd drive for a long while just to get pictures of a single destination. But it was all worth it!

Besides seeing Twilight destinations, we did stop at various nature viewpoints. I was awed more than once at God's creation. Enjoy your virtual vacation/Twilight tour here on!

Thanks, Neil, for putting this online for us!

We landed in Portland, OR and drove directly to Bremerton, WA so that we could be closer to our points of interest the next day. We walked around the city a bit and saw the shipyard and the Bremerton Harborside Fountain Park. Then we had dinner at the Bremerton Bar and Grill. I wanted to get some Vitamin Waters for the trip, so we went to Safeway after dinner. Had I known then what I know now, we should have driven. The walk was much, much longer than I'd thought it would be.

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On the first day of touring, we started out by driving to Port Angeles on the north side of Washington. It's a small city and we got coffee and took some pictures. There is a restaurant in Port Angeles called Bella Italia which is where Bella and Edward have dinner, however, that restaurant is not the location shown in the film. Also in Port Angeles is the Lincoln Theatre where Bella, Mike, and Jacob went to see a movie.

Moving on, our next destination was Forks, WA. On the way we stopped to take pictures of a gorgeous glacial lake. It was simply amazing. Upon arrival at Forks, we peeked in at the Chamber of Commerce and talked with the very nice ladies there. There were maps on the wall with pins noting where visitors who've been to Forks are from originally.

From there, it was on to La Push, where we went to First Beach. In the movie and book the characters go to La Push to surf and hang out. In the film, they say they are going to La Push, but the filming was actually done at Indian Beach, further south. La Push was freezing cold!! It wasn't warm to begin with, and then you add in the brisk winds and you've got some real chills! We picked up some driftwood, bleached by the sun and worn by the waves. When we were frozen through, we headed back toward our hotel.

However, on the way, we passed through Kalama and decided to stop that day instead of the next and see Kalama High School. This is the school Bella and the Cullens attended but only the exterior was used in the film. The interior of another school in Portland was used. We got shots in the parking lot just like in the movie as well as walked around the back to see the mural Bella and Edward walked past when she wanted to corner him about knowing what he really was, that is, the "Say it, outloud" scene.

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The next day we started off driving into Portland and viewing the Cullen House. We came upon it rather abruptly as it is at the end of a street. To respect the resident's privacy I just got a quick shot of the corner of the house. Beautiful place. Then it was on to the Stone Cliff Inn area where, behind the Inn, the "Lion and Lamb" sequence was made. We were then off to the Carver Cafe where we grabbed some cider. We did actually sit at the table featured in the film!

We then headed to the Clackmanas Community College greenhouse area where the fieldtrip scenes were shot. It took some looking but we finally found them!

Our next stop was rather a dud. We went to Oxbow park where supposedly the actual "Say it, outloud" scene was filmed. Apparently the spot is no longer marked out, but we did see a pretty deer!

Then we headed to The View Point Inn. This is the location where the prom scenes were shot. Unfortunatley, there had been a fire and the area was fenced off. Happily it does look like they are rebuilding it.

Multnomah Falls was the next stop on the list. The upper falls are 542 feet high, the lower are 69. Simply beautiful. Bella and Edward cross in front of these falls on their way to the baseball game. Another falls nearby is the Wahkeena falls which we stopped to look at as well. Next on the list was the Bridge of the Gods, which is the bridge seen when Bella and Charlie are on their way to Forks. It so happened that it was a good place to cross back over into Washington state so we happily paid the $1 toll and were on our way.

Our next destination was Cape Horn, where the scenes of Bella and Edward in the trees were filmed. It was a serious hike, about 1 hour up and 1 hour back. My calves were still sore three days later! The view was spectacular but very tiring to get to! Thankfully we then set out for the hotel for the night.

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Day three of touring was a packed as well. We drove to Indian Beach, where the La Push beach scenes were actually filmed. We did see actual bull kelp, which is what one of the characteres was teasing one of the other characters with. Gross stuff! We were greeted by a whale, too, who kept surfacing, to our delight. There was driftwood on this beach as well but not as much as on the La Push beach. In contrast to the other beaches this one had a great many rocks and also a significant rock formation which we climbed on and got some good ocean shots. In addition, there were actual streams coming out from and off of the hills/mountains flowing down the beach and into the ocean. I've never seen that before!

Then we were off to Vernonia, OR to see the police station seen in the film. The building is actually a credit union. After lunch we headed over to St Helens, OR. Here we found the Swan house, the Thunderbird and Whale bookstore, which is actually a lawyers office, and the alley and parking lot where Bella had gotten lost and nearly assaulted before Edward rescued her. We also saw the restsaurant building where Bella and Edward had dinner that night.

Then it was back to Portland to catch one site we'd missed but had time to get in. We saw the Yale Laundry Building which played the part of the ballet studio from which Bella is rescued by the Cullens.

Having checked everything we wanted off our list, we headed back to the hotel for a quiet evening where I sorted out pictures and got ready for the return home.

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It was time to head back home. Janel's flight was earlier than mine, so after a nice breakfast she was on her way. About two hours later it was my turn and the free shuttle whisked me off to the Portland airport. I was able to take a couple pictures from the plane, one of Mt Hood and a couple of the Rockies.

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I'm so glad I took this trip and that I have such a great friend who was willing to take it with me.