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Day 1 - October 19, 2008

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The security people at the airport took our sunscreen saying that the container was over 3oz. (Apparently, not only does it all have to fit in a quart size zippy bag, it also has to be less than 3 oz of each substance.) The bottle was old and probably had less than 3 oz in it, but we weren't about to pay $15 to check the bag just so we could have some sunscreen. We decided we could get some a the hotel.

Our flight on Sun Country Airlines was fine, no delays. The crew was from Minnesota, and yes, they had the accent to go with it. We knew that upon arrival in Cancun there would be people trying to direct us to their booths for time share and other real estate high pressure deals. Indeed, going through the terminal it was bad. They actually stood in three rows of two of women, then the same in the male version, in the middle of the aisle waiting for a sucker. Really amazing. Ginger walked straight through. Neil had one guy tell him that we needed to register. Whatever.

There are many amenities at the Valentin. It's adults only and all inclusive. Everything and everyone is on “Mexico time” meaning everything is slower than at home. Sleep late, go to breakfast late, eat lunch late, eat dinner late, go to bed late, repeat. Very nice.

The day we arrived it had apparently rained quite a bit. In fact, one of the amenities is an umbrella in each room. Did you know there are musical rocks in Mexico?

We got the limo to our room, which is actually a golf cart. After walking around some we saw a Coati. We wanted to at least see the beach even though it wasn't swimming weather. The beach was rather deserted as the winds were high. We also saw red flags on large sticks which we learned meant that you couldn't enter the water. The beach and somewhat into the water you could see outcroppings of rocks. Not the best situation for swimming, besides the obviously powerful waves.

Back at the room, we found out we could watch baseball on ESPN, even if the commentary was in Spanish and were glad to see the Boston Red Sox vs the Tampa Bay Rays final game. We got hungry before the game ended. Toward the evening the air dried out and we headed off to dinner at L'Alsace which serves French inspired cuisine. It is a very high class type setting with its large split marble staircase and crystal chandeliers. After dinner, we saw a lady outside the sports bar smoking and realized she was watching the game. We stood there for a bit talking until we all went inside. The commentary was in English there. We were disappointed that the Sox weren't able to pull through and go on to the World Series. Maybe next season!

Since our sunscreen had gotten confiscated at the airport, we decided to try to get some that night. Weeellll, we went to the gift shop to get some, found the section of all different kinds, and took the one Ginger picked to the checkout. In Spanish the lady gave us the total, Neil asked if we could use dollars, she said yes and that it would be $22. WHAT!? $22 for a bottle of sunscreen that would cost $4 at home! No way. We decided we'd rather burn than pay that. Besides, we'd have to check the bag on the way back if we wanted to keep it anyway, which of course would be another $15. Now THAT's some expensive stuff. Forgettaboutit.

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