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Day 2 - October 20, 2008

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The next day we had breakfast at Le Marché which is buffet (and they pronounce the T). We then explored the resort some more walking for quite some time. Most of the day was sunny and clear. We checked the beach again, and there were still red flags out, but Neil noticed some yellow “caution” flags down the way. We returned to the room to throw our suits on and dive in. At the beach we both got our butts kicked by the force of the waves and currents. We decided to chill out in the more manageable swimming pool atmosphere. While at the swim-up bar we saw the lady from Boston again with her husband. We talked for some time with them for a bit about Boston and the game and other chit-chat items.

Lunch was at Tierra which is adjacent to Mar. Tierra is land, meaning they serve meats and mar is sea which means they serve seafood. Since Neil doesn't eat things from bodies of water, we ate at the Tierra side. Later, in the outdoor sports area, Neil played pool with another guest. Then it was time for a nap which lasted until about dinner time. There is a restaurant called Ginger, which is where we wanted to eat. However, upon arriving we saw that it was closed. So instead, we ate at La Hacienda which serves Mexican fare.