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Day 3 - October 21, 2008

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Tuesday was the rainiest day. Had it not been for the sun on Sunday and the extended time of sunshine on Monday the vacation would have been rather disappointing. We headed off to breakfast at Le Marché again, in the rain. After breakfast we walked around some more, and decided to head back to Le Marché for 2nd breakfast, which was really hot tea while we waited out the rain. Some guests wear their swimsuits around the resort under their cover-ups. Ginger told the waiter we could wear our swimsuits just because of all the rain, not because we wanted to go to the pool. We returned to the room, after which another downpour ensued but our patio was dry enough to be enjoyable. Even though it is wet, it is pleasant, not too hot, not too cool. Ginger read and Neil worked on some puzzles in his Sudoku book.

Lunch was also at Le Marché. Neil has learned about how to ask for an espresso with milk. One waiter said it was a espresso cortado which came in a large cup, but the other waiters he's ordered from only brought an espresso shot with equal amount of milk in a very small cup. At lunch we again saw the Boston couple. The man thought he'd seen Ginger before at another resort, alas, no, she has never been to Jamaica or the Dominican Republic. According to them, of their travels they liked the Dominican Republic the best as far as the best value for the money. We also talked about the restaurants and that's when Neil learned about late night snack time.

We'd tried to go to Ginger on Monday night but it was closed. Tuesday we hit the mark. Asian is the theme and it was delicious! Neil again tried to order the coffee drink he'd gotten the first time, but got the same small espresso cup, but this time with a pitcher of milk. So, we asked the waiter for a big cup, and even though he looked quite confused, he did bring a big cup, with another shot of espresso, which Neil didn't mind.

Later, Ginger went to bed, but Neil went to late night snack. Turns out, it was a good deal. There was pizza, ribs, chicken soup, pasta, fruits, etc.