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The Trip Home - October 22, 2008

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The Trip Home

The next morning was check out time. At least we had enough time to actually go to breakfast. There was a slowing in the rain, so when we went back to the room we decided we'd wait for it to stop before going over to the lobby to check out and catch the shuttle. Then the bottom dropped out and it was absolutely pouring. When it didn't let up quickly, while we still had about 40 minutes before crunch time to check out, we called for the limo, as they say. A couple vehicles passed by, and it got to be 15 or so minutes before we HAD to go, still no shuttle. We finally flagged one down and got on, and then someone else flagged us down. Thankfully, we did get to the lobby and the airport shuttle was just arriving when we got there.

The Cancun airport seems to have been remodeled even just since April. After entering and checking in at the counter, in order to get to the gates, you have to pass through a mall like setting, then get to the gates.

The flight was fine and apparently the Minnesota, DFW, Cancun route is a popular one with Sun Country airlines. Everyone had to deplane and go through customs, but some re-boarded to go on to Minnesota.

We stopped for lunch/dinner at Chili's on the way home. It was sad to have to pay outright for things again. Ahhh, well.