Who we are

Ginger's family moved to the D/FW metroplex just before her sophomore year in high school. She's an avid dog lover but wants nothing to do with cats. Ginger's two favorite things in life are dessert, and Twilight (the books and the movies). Besides working full time at UT Arlington, she also has a small business, Delightful Décor.
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Neil has lived at 15 addresses in his lifetime, ending up in the DFW Metroplex in 1999 along the way. He's now the web developer for a water filter company in Fort Worth, and does Web development work as Connettrics.Net on a contract basis as well. Neil enjoys playing indoor soccer, grilling, coffee, and staying up late.
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Callie is an Australian Cattle Dog mixed with something that gives her floppy ears. We got her from Operation Kindness in January of 2017. She isn't quite as active as she's been in past years, but gets plenty of exercise nowadays, having become quite the tolerant big sister to Maya, the puppy who needs to be entertained and played with for extended periods.

Stella is an Australian Shepherd mix. We got her from Grapevine Animal Services in August of 2017. She is not very active, and kind of skittish around anyone new (including Neil for quite a few months), but she's sweet and she integrated just fine in her own time.

Maya is a Black (or, very, very dark Chocolate) Lab mix. We got her from Apollo Support and Rescue in May 2020. She is very active, egging on Callie to try to get her to wrestle and bite and zoom around the back yard. She's still quite the puppy, but is learning how to entertain herself by chewing on things she's supposed to chew on, and realizing it's okay just to spend some time chilling out.